Tibits Menu Card Creation

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To create an interface that:


Option 1 - Adobe PDF Javascript Plugin

Adobe maintains a version of JavaScript, called ExtendScript, but it is only for their Creative Cloud applications. For PDF reader, they use a modified version of JavaScript.

It is possible to create a script that can be launched within Acrobat and used to create the template.


Option 2 - Portable Application with Windows/OSX Support

Using a cross platform library (such as Electron, NativeScript or Flutter), an application can be made that will run on Windows or OSX to load a PDF and create a template



Recommendation: Option 2

While it is nicer to have an integrated solution to create the templates within Acrobat, it is a more complex solution that is more prone to break. The second option allows people to use the tool when they do not have Acrobat installed, or if they do not have a Pro account. In my opinion, it is a more standard approach that allows for more flexibility and maintainability in the future.


Expected Final Cost:


Free when:

When it is more than 1 hour, it will be charged at an hourly rate that can be agreed upon successful delivery of the project.


All code, documentation and installation files will be owned by Tibits AG on completion of the project and payment. A backup can be stored by myself upon request, at no extra cost.